Mar 23

Life Hacking – What am I getting myself into?


What if I told you I was going to hack you? What would be the first thing to come to your mind? You might think of me chopping you into pieces. Or maybe you are afraid I will worm my way into your computer and mess with it. You might not even know what to think, but you just hate the sound of being hacked. In almost any case, hacking is viewed in a negative way for the person(s) being hacked. The most popular visual is probably of a computer geek sitting in a dark room, typing away vigorously as text zooms across the screen. We think of groups like Anonymous who steal information and find ways to break the system. Hacking is not something people admit to doing, because it’s bad — or is it?


I like the way “Greenie” defines “hack” on Urban dictionary:

1. To program a computer in a clever, virtuosic, and wizardly manner. (!)

3. To jury-rig or improvise something inelegant but effective, usually as a temporary solution to a problem. (!)

You see, hacking doesn’t necessarily, have to relate strictly to computers at all. Besides the traditional definition (related to cutting) hacking isn’t formally defined. So can we hack things besides computers? Sure! Why not?

I want to hack my life. Yeah, it sounds strange written out like that, but it’s true! I want to do arbitrary, strange, and/or cool things with my life. It doesn’t matter how significant or insignificant the “thing” is. The goal is really just to break from the monotony of life and try to improve myself in various ways. You’re probably a little confused and weirded out at this point, so I’ll get to the main idea.


My life hacking will consist of two tasks a week. These tasks will be provided by Project Enrichment and Shuffle My Life. I’ll try to aim for simpler tasks since I don’t have the time or resources for more involved challenges (e.g. “Start a garden” or “Go camping”). We’ll see how long I can keep it up. I tend to give up on seemingly great ideas after a short while, but I’ll try to keep my hacking consistent.

I plan to start next week with a couple of easier tasks to get myself started. I’ll let you know what the tasks are when I start. If you want to hack along with me, go ahead! I hope you’ll keep me updated on your progress.


I have a feeling that I don’t know what I’m getting myself into. Wish me luck!



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