Mar 21

Geek and Sundry – The Geekiest Channel on YouTube

There are few better ways to waste time than watching video after YouTube video. I spend most of my time on video game and music-related YouTube channels, but there are enough channels out there to replace television for any type of observer. But this is Neeks and Gerds. You’re not just any type of observer — you want a variety of entertainment experiences ranging from dragon-infested tales to awkwardly hilarious web series. Well, I have just the channel for you.


You may remember a certain brilliant, red-headed geek by the name of Felicia Day. Well, her genius juices are still flowing, and she’s got a river of great videos coming our way. On April 2nd, her new YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry, will launch a storm of new shows. These shows include, but are not limited to, Felicia Day’s own vlogs, tabletop gaming hosted by Wil Wheaton, motion comics by Dark Horse , fantasy/science fiction book discussions, and Felicia Day’s hilariously geeky web series (The Guild). Needless to say, I’m insanely excited, and you should be too!

If you’re lacking in the excitement department, I suggest you take a look at Felicia Day’s introduction to the new channel below. If it catches your fancy, click on the “Start Playlist” button and you will be sucked into a dreamlike automated adventure through the wonders of Geek and Sundry. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?



You can find everything you might want to know about Geek and Sundry on its official website



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