Feb 28

Neeks is Gerds is One Year (and eight days) Old!


On a warm 2011 summer day that seemed just like any other, I was passing the time by browsing some YouTube videos. My geeky nature inevitably led me into a chain of Comic Con-related videos. After watching a few panels and interviews, I was introduced to a video that would change the next year of my life.


As explained in this post, the video was an interview with the geeky internet sensation, Felicia Day. Her words inspired me to start a blog, but not just any blog. It was going to be a blog not for me, but for others like me. It was going to be a place for geeks and nerds to find things that inspire them, intrigue them, and just make them smile. It was going to be Neeks and Gerds.



A year later, my vision hasn’t changed much. I still want to inspire, intrigue, and burn smiles onto the faces of geeks and nerds, but I want to do so much more than that. My true desire is to bring together the awesome internet wanderers like me and you. Ever since I announced the birth of the N&G Community back in July of last year, my real goal has been to create a community where geeks and nerds can revel in each others’ interests, hobbies, and disturbing habits. And you know what? I’ve failed.

For a while, I broke my neck to build this dream community, and it started to catch fire. Visitors started creating accounts, people started contacting me about how to join, and there were even some activity in the forums. But alas, an ember cannot flourish into a fire without wood to feed it and caring hands stoke it. Along came college applications, scholarships, graduation, and my hands were no longer free to care for the community. The ember slowly burned out, and Neeks and Gerds went back to being just a blog with the smokes of possibility wafting away around it.

And that’s okay. It’s great, even. I love writing for Neeks and Gerds, and I love when you guys respond to my posts. Sure, I would like to put the heat back into the N&G Community, but that isn’t a realistic option right now. With college whipping my tail, I don’t have the time or energy to spark a community into existence. Don’t fret, though. If you were as excited about the Community as I was, then you’ll be glad to know that I haven’t thrown away the flint and steel(?). I’ve seen that people do have an interest in joining, and that it can flourish into a raging fire. Just not now — not under these smothering conditions.



Hang in there guys, gals, and geeks. We’ve made it a year, and I’m looking forward to many more. For those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning: It’s been a great first year. I’m glad we’ve spent it together. For those who are newer to Neeks and Gerds: I encourage you to go back and see where we’ve been. It’s been one heck of a journey so far, and we still have a long way to go.

The past few months have been pretty slow, but I hope to change that soon. My time as a college freshman will be over before I know it, and hopefully then I’ll have time to figure out what direction Neeks and Gerds is going in and how I want to continue forward. In the meantime, I’ll be posting what I can, when I can. I just hope that you’ll stick with me through these rough times. If you’ll help me to keep the ember burning, I can promise you one heck of a flame later on.


Happy Anniversary, guys, gals, and geeks! You all help bring an irreplaceable fire into my life. Now, let’s kick this baby up a notch.



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  • http://the.loading-info.net Gian Faye

    Haha. I just read this today. Belated Happy Birthday, N&G! Though it seems like our activities on the blogosphere has declined these past few months, there’s no stopping us going back and be active again.

    Again, L-I greets you a happy birthday!

    • http://www.neeksandgerds.com/ Mike Cornish

      Thanks, Gian! I’ll try to stay active with N&G if you do the same with L-I. :)

  • http://www.neeksandgerds.com/ Mike Cornish

    Thanks, Gian! I’ll try to stay active with N&G if you do the same with L-I. :)