Aug 24

Pondering the Age of Pirates

Let’s take a quick poll. Raise your hand if you’ve pirated music, movies, software, or any kind of media. If you’re raising your hand, you’re probably an average teenager/young adult. If you’re not raising your hand, you’re probably either lying or over the age of 40. Since so many media pirates are younger, one has to wonder what the consequences should be for being caught infringing on media copyrights.


Turned in for torrents

Yesterday, a 15 year-old student went on trial for downloading and sharing 24 movies. The young pirate was reportedly turned over to the police by the head teacher at his school. The teacher felt it a necessary action after a virus infected the school’s network, seemingly due to the student’s actions.

These kinds of situations always kind of puzzle me. Every once in a while, I’ll hear about someone being arrested or fined for being caught with pirated materials, but we all know they’re not the only ones. It’s easy to overlook these occurrences, because it seems only about 1 out of every 1000 pirates faces any consequences.  Thinking from the perspective of a teenager, the likelihood of getting caught is almost 0%.


change for the ages?

With the knowledge that youth generally don’t think as older citizens do, does it makes sense to revise copyright laws for them? Should teenage pirates be exempt from jail-time? My answer is no.

While I think it’s pretty messed up that the aforementioned teacher turned in the student, I’m sure the young pirate learned a good lesson. You see, piracy (more accurately known as copyright infringement) is illegal. I’m sure most pirates know this, but they don’t really think about it. If they’re caught, they may as well be shoplifting, or stealing right from someone’s pocket.


Regardless of age, those guilty of piracy should be prepared to face fines, and even jail-time (depending on the extent of their violation). If you’re willing to take the risk, then that’s your choice. Personally, my conscience won’t allow me to take anything that doesn’t rightfully belong to me. If you think about it, your conscience may have the same effect on you.

(Torrent Freak)


What do you think? Should age dictate the consequences of piracy or any other crime?


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  • http://loading-info.blogspot.com Gian Faye

    I admit that I did stupid things when I was on that age. To be age-specific, I think those who should be put to jail with these crimes are those 18+. I know that teens below that age ‘knows’ what they do, but they are not yet aware of the consequences and how ‘serious’ they are. 

    Regarding piracy, I know what you said. The moral I’ve established also tells me to not take anything that isn’t mine nor to inflict any damage to anyone. If I liked a particular film, book, or record I’ll buy it so they get what they have worked hard for.

    • http://www.neeksandgerds.com/ Mike Cornish

      Yeah, I know where you’re coming from. The general population seems to agree with your view.

      Thanks for sharing, Gian.

      • S Novello

        You guys are pathetic, and thats all I have to say to you.

        • http://www.neeksandgerds.com/ Mike Cornish

          I know you’ve said all you have to say to me, but I’m curious what you mean. Could you elaborate?

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