Jul 15

GetGlue (Internet Genius)


Internet Genius introduces people or things that I found on the internet that are simply amazing. It may involve something geeky or something nerdy. It may involve an awesome invention or a unique hobby. Whatever it is, it’s sure to captivate you (at least for a while).
This week’s internet genius: GetGlue


Imagine for a second that you’re sitting in a movie theater about to see a new movie. You’ve been waiting for this movie since the trailer was released, and you’re ridiculously excited. You decide to send your friend a boastful text telling him of your current activity.

A couple of minutes later, your friend texts you back. He says that he received the same text from 70 other people . He thinks it’s some sort of prank and, in his anger, tells you that he doesn’t care that you’re watching a movie with 70 other people. You’re confused, and start to reply to the angry message, but the movie begins. Your buddy can wait.

After the movie, you stand up and walk out of the theater. The film was as awesome as you’d hoped, and you’ve completely forgotten to text your friend back. When you reach the theater’s exit, a man leans over and hands you a sticker. He congratulates you for seeing the movie during opening week. You’re confused, but you shrug and walk away happily.

You have just experience GetGlue.


What is GetGlue?

GetGlue is a social network for entertainment. Users “check-in” to various activities ranging from reading a book, to playing a video game, to thinking about a celebrity. A check-in notifies your friends and the GetGlue community of your activity and how many people are also taking part in it at the time. Your check-ins may even earn you some rewards.

Each check-in earns you two points. Each point goes toward the activity you’ve checked-in to. If you earn the most points in any given activity, you’ll become the Guru. A Guru is essentially a moderator of an activity. They can edit the activity’s image and description, and give recommendations of related activities.

Some check-ins will also unlock stickers. In the example above, you earned a sticker for checking-in to a movie during its opening week. You may also unlock stickers by rating activities, checking in a certain number of times, checking-in to a season finale (or similar time-sensitive events), or doing many other things on GetGlue. For the most part, stickers seem to revolve around check-ins. Unlock 20 stickers, and you can have the actual stickers shipped to you free of charge.


Why is it genius?

People love to brag. Sure, some people know it’s wrong and avoid doing it, but most everyone enjoys it to some degree. GetGlue allows people to boast about their activities (whether they are boast-worthy or not) and be rewarded for it!

Aren’t there times when you’re doing something that you think is exceptionally awesome, and you want everyone to know? I know that when I purchase a new $60 game, I want to shout it to the world. Now I can do it without sounding like an idiot or a narcissist. GetGlue gives everyone the ability to share their activities boast in a socially-acceptable way.

People — especially geeks — also like earning free stuff. ThinkGeek realized this with their Geek Points, and apparently GetGlue has noticed too. While stickers aren’t the most tempting reward, they still serve as a reasonable incentive. Like I said, people like to brag already. Stickers and points aren’t a way to get users to check-in, they’re a way to entice users into checking-in often. As a GetGlue user, trust me when I say that it works. Genius.


You can start unlocking stickers for everyday activities by checking out GetGlue. You can learn more about GetGlue from their About page and FAQ.


Do you think GetGlue is genius? Do you use GetGlue? How many stickers do you have? Let me know with a comment below, or send me an email.


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  • http://www.lsgeekster.blogspot.com Kira Permunian

    This is my first time to know getglue. Thanks for sharing this post. I think I need to differentiate the following terms: geek, nerd, smart and genius. Is it getglue?

    • http://www.neeksandgerds.com/ Mike Cornish

      Geeks and nerds are types of people.
      Smart is a way to describe something.
      Genius can describe something, or can be a type of intelligent person. In this post, I used genius to describe GetGlue.
      Sorry if that is a bit confusing. I hope I cleared that up. Thanks for letting me know.

      • http://www.lsgeekster.blogspot.com Kira Permunian

        Oh thanks for the explaining it out! It’s now crystal clear. Hey, I have now my getglue account and I owed it from you. Cheers!

  • Ninjadiva

    GetGlue… who knew? Great Share!

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