Jul 12

Trendy Tuesday – A Dance with Dragons

Trendy Tuesday brings you the hottest news according to Google’s top ten “Hot Searches” in the USA. However, I don’t have time to research everything. Therefore, I’ll be making up some of the news according to what I think the search terms are related to. Don’t worry, I’ll link you to the actual news articles as well.


This week's top ten searches


10 – Red Square

Yesterday, Berlin’s Red Square saw a brilliant celebration. The Square was decorated with large parade-like balloons and other festive items. The party came from seemingly nowhere as crowds gathered and began playing music and dancing. What were the celebrating? Who knows. It was a unifying event and an awesome sight to behold. In the end, that’s all that really matters. (false)


9 – Kremlin

The Kremlin in Moscow, Russia recently had some cosmetic work done. The spires on the huge, central towers received fresh coats of paint. Though many nervous onlookers gathered below the large structures, the only casualties were a few paint brushes. RIP. (false)


8 – Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat fans are rushing to the store today to get her latest album, Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles. Critics predict that this will be Caillat’s bubbliest album yet. (mostly false)


7 – Gonorrhea

Recent studies suggest that the sexually transmitted disease, gonorrhea, may be becoming untreatable.  The bacteria has evolved into new strains that are resistant to current antibiotics. (true)


6 – Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe, the famous Kansas-born bugle player, will begin her first world tour this week. She and her band, Lowe Note, will be leaving for Greenland tomorrow and also plan to perform in Germany, Japan, Australia, and Brazil. (false)


5 – Parthenon

The Parthenon has recently fallen victim to a sudden outbreak of rats. Yesterday, a group of tourists were shocked when their tour was interrupted by the deafening sound of hundreds of squeaking rodents. Analysts think the outbreak may have been caused by the Parthenon’s degradation. The temple has reached a point where the inner minerals of it’s structure release a meat-like smell, attracting nearby rodents. (false)


4 – Pia Toscano

The 72 year old artist, Pia Toscano, is to be inducted into the San Fransisco Hall of Art later this week. Toscano is most known for his brilliant watercolor paintings. He was quoted as saying, “I am so underwhelmed. It’s about time I received some recognition.” (false)


3 – Dark Knight Rises

A poster had been released for Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie. It has received much notice for being similar to Nolan’s teaser poster for his mind-bending movie, Inception. (true)


2 – All Star Game

Electronic Arts (EA) Sports has announced their newest game series, All Star Game. Each game in this series will contain every other EA Sports game from the year. In essence, it’s really just an annual disc package of EA Sports’ games. EA promises, however, that fans will receive a large discount by purchasing the All Star Game disc instead of each individual game. (false)


1 – A Dance with Dragons

After six years of delays, George Martin’s novel, “A Dance with Dragons,” is finally in stores. This novel is the fifth book in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. “A Dance with Dragons” should keep fans of “Game of Thrones” entertained, as the HBO series is based on Martin’s novels. (true)


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    Sweet list, I think I learned some stuff… :)

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      Great! I’m glad you learned something. Hopefully you didn’t learn anything that isn’t true.
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