Feb 26

Announcement – Cred

I’ve been think about the current format of my posts and it just don’t seem….relevant. I think I found a way to make them slightly more geeky and nerdy. I present to you: Cred. ‘Cred’ is short for ‘credit,’ as in ‘Geek Cred’ or ‘Nerd Cred’. Essentially it is a measure of how geeky or nerdy a person or thing is.


Each future post will include one or both of these icons:



After the icon will be a positive or negative number representing the amount of Cred to be gained or lost by participating in whatever is in the post. For example, if you play a game with +10 Geek cred (Gc), you’ve just upped your standing in life, congratulations. If you read an article with +10 Nerd cred (Nc), you’ve just increased your knowledge base; do you feel the mass increase in your brain? Beware of negative Cred. Reading a terribly written comic might lost you Gc. Not knowing the quadratic equation will almost certainly make your Nc drop.


Cred is simply a way of helping me organize the content on Neeks and Gerds and to make everything more interesting for you, the readers. I hope it will be well-received.


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