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Game Geekin’: Team Fortress 2

The gang's all here.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a game developed by, Valve. Valve is a fantastic game development corporation that ensures their games are periodically injected with tasty new content. This is apparent when looking at TF2. Pistols, shotguns, bats, hats — there is no shortage of goodies in this game.
Put simply, TF2 is a class-based first-person shooter. Players choose a class (ranging from the fast-running, high-flying Scout to the lumbering, locked-and-loaded Heavy) and fight the opposing team to complete an objective. ‘Fight’ here means ‘obliterate’.



Team Fortress 2 is all about teamwork. Lone wolves need not apply. There is no free-for-all and no single -player (see below). Teams (red or blue) will be working together to capture the enemy intelligence (capture the flag), capture or hold control points (territory control/king of the hill), and simply destroy the other team (team deathmatch). Comrades will have to find chemistry between their classes to overcome whatever the enemy may throw at them.


I Can’t Find Single-Player Mode

Want to enjoy the violent humor of Team Fortress 2 on your own? Too bad. TF2 is made for multiplayer. You will find no stories or plot other than what you may find on the Wiki or similar sites. From the menu screen, players select a server to play on. Singler-player is far from missed once a game has started. On the contrary, it is hard to imagine how TF2 could be played alone.


Goodies Galore

Do you love weapons? No? How about stylish hats? Yes? I thought so. Lucky for you, Team Fortress 2 offers a wealth of things to plop on your cranium.From traditional hats like the Professionals Panama to ridiculous head-toppers like the Alien Swarm Parasite, players will most likely find themselves uniquely identified not only by their name, but by what they wear. Unfortunately, these items can be very hard to come by. This fact is often overshadowed by the fact that there are plenty of weapons (both offensive and defensive) to unlock. Both weapons and hats are unlocked either by randomly “finding” them while play the game, or by crafting them using already unlocked items. Still, it would be nice to have a few more hats in the closet.



You will be a geek for Team Fortress 2 if you: 

  • Can’t get enough of online multiplayer
  • Work well with strangers
  • Prefer shooting in first-person
  • Enjoy unlockables
  • Enjoy working for unlockables
  • Like trading
  • Want variety in gameplay

You will say nay to Team Fortress 2 if you:

  •  Need single-player
  • Can’t play a game without a story
  • Lack the ability to shoot in first-person
  • Find it difficult to cooperate with others
  • Loathe stylish hats
  • Can’t stand seeing people with awesome things you wish you owned


What do I think?

Team Fortress 2 is one of my favorite PC games. I particularly enjoy finding weapons to use to make new weapons. I can make my classes into just the type of fighters I want them to be. TF2 won’t be off of my must-play list any time soon.

What do you think? Have you play Team Fortress 2? Leave a comment telling me what you think about TF2.


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